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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1209 – The Cube Starts Again marked numberless
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As Zhou Wen was approximately to go away, he suddenly read someone shout, “Someone… There’s another person on Venus…”
Zhou Wen carefully heard Qin Wufu’s arrival. He didn’t know a lot about Venus. He got observed the surface area temp of Venus could get to more than 500°C. Even for the Mythical phase, it was tough to remain on Venus for too long.
“Nothing great has previously range from Cube’s physical appearance, perfect?” Zhou Wen explained helplessly.
Moreover, with current aeros.p.a.ce systems, it wasn’t effortless to get to Venus. Some teleportation abilities could increase the speed of interstellar going.
Let Me Game in Peace
“Cannot enter into the ranks? What are those fellows coming from the aspect close to?” Ouyang Lan frowned much more.
Regardless of how reduced their knowledge was, it was actually impossible for the Terror-class being to tempt destiny, perfect?
Following a pause, An Sheng aimed with a area of your Cube’s monitor and claimed, “There’s a 72-hours number here. We don’t understand what its use is made for now. Most people are wondering.”
An Sheng hurriedly claimed, “Yes, Madam. Lots of astronomers have validated the environment in the Cube is without a doubt Venus. Even so, it’s still unidentified why the Cube is demonstrating Venus.”
Zhou Wen carefully heard Qin Wufu’s arrival. He didn’t know a lot about Venus. He possessed read which the area heat range of Venus could get to over 500°C. Even for the Mythical stage, it was actually tough to continue to Venus for too long.
“Little Zhou, we match once more.” Qin Wufu was also there because he greeted Zhou Wen having a smile.
“Someone has tried, however they can’t enter in the search rankings,” An Sheng responded to.
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Also, with up-to-date aeros.p.a.ce technological innovation, it wasn’t effortless to arrive at Venus. Some teleportation expertise could quicken interstellar vacationing.
Other folks only understood the fact that creature acquired burrowed in to the magma, but Zhou Wen could roughly notify that this was heading for that shadow.
Nevertheless, very few individuals got interstellar teleportation expertise. These were deemed scarce during the Federation.
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However lower their intellect was, it turned out not possible to obtain a Terror-level creature to tempt destiny, right?
It was subsequently a reddish earth, and quite a few of it was included in tricky rock and roll. There were some locations in the planet’s work surface which were bubbling with boiling hot magma. The high temperature created s.p.a.ce seem distorted, which makes it appearance very unusual.
After a while, one other dragon from Traditional western legends flew around and similarly came near the magma. Just like the wonderful man or woman, it quickly hurried to the magma.
“Governor Qin, what’s the situation now?” Zhou Wen wasn’t able to question An Tianzuo, so he expected Qin Wufu.
“Nothing very good has ever range from Cube’s appearance, perfect?” Zhou Wen claimed helplessly.
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The fact is that, he couldn’t sensation his atmosphere from the Cube. He didn’t know exactly what creature he belonged to.
Just as Zhou Wen was approximately to depart, he suddenly noticed somebody shout, “Someone… There is somebody on Venus…”
Qin Wufu said, “Many persons feel so. There are actually large amounts of basalt on top of Venus. Additionally, the outer lining temperature is incredibly substantial. The amount of carbon dioxide from the oxygen exceeds 97%. There are frequently sulfuric acid solution rain…”
Equally as Zhou Wen was about to go out of, he suddenly heard another person shout, “Someone… There is an individual on Venus…”
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“Don’t tell me they need to use Venus being a battle market?” Zhou Wen expected.
Let Me Game in Peace
Luoyang Location got already came into a point out of high notify. The residents who may be evacuated into your dimensional areas started to move into them. When a frightening being showed up on Venus, it wouldn’t be difficult for this to attain Globe from that long distance.
When Zhou Wen and business rushed towards the Cube, An Tianzuo and An Jing were definitely already there. Finding Zhou Wen observe Ouyang Lan around, An Tianzuo’s gaze met Zhou Wen’s for less than a second before he immediately switched aside without taking a look at him once more.
An Sheng’s heart stirred since he looked at Zhou Wen and required, “Young Grasp Wen, look at the countdown. Could it be the countdown to whenever the shadow surface areas?”
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“Someone has now used, but they also can’t go into the search engine rankings,” An Sheng responded to.

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