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Beauty and the Beasts

NovelBeauty and the BeastsBeauty and the Beasts
Chapter 1501 – Teacher Ke’s Photographic Memory special bedroom
“Do these people really exist?” Bai Xiaofan contemplated Huang Rong’s mom in “The Star in the Condor Heroes”, who possessed tricked Zhou Botong into presenting her his secret martial arts manually operated working with her photographic recollection, traveling Zhou Botong to madness.
Curtis ma.s.saged his temples. Xiaofan couldn’t even perform the basic school trouble sums. He was so let down.
Curtis smiled and glanced at his partner, right before continuous to explain to Bai Xiaofan.
“This is really a thought out of your earlier grade,” Curtis responded without even being required to believe.
But he possessed suspected this anyway, so there wasn’t a desire to actually feel indignant regardless if he possessed become it improper. But Curtis’s fantastic forecast was what amazed him.
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Indignant, Bai Xiaofan stated angrily, “How would I am aware if what you’re saying is right or wrong?”
“Page 17, last range,” responded Curtis.
“This is actually a thought from your previous level,” Curtis replied without even being forced to believe.
Just after he accomplished outlining the queries, Curtis got out some whitened paper and simply wrote down tens of queries.
Indignant, Bai Xiaofan explained angrily, “How would I am aware if what you’re indicating is right or wrong?”
Presently, Bai Xiaofan was already completely satisfied by him. Resulting from his dread, also, he didn’t dare to daydream and figured out very really.
Vast-eyed and mouth-strapped, Bai Xiaofan stared at Curtis and couldn’t absolute just one phrase.
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Right now, he acquired finish religion in Curtis’s information. But he still uncovered his memory impressive, so he randomly aimed to some improper solution and continuing questioning, “What in regards to this?”
Curtis mentioned calmly. “Look up Website page 38, another sizeable diagram for any explanation.”
After he finished talking about the queries, Curtis required out an item of white-colored papers and simply authored down tens of issues.
“And this?”
Curtis directed for the first mistakenly resolved concern and explained, “Textbook website page 9. This idea is prepared in the 12th brand. Take a peek by yourself.”
Bai Xiaofan didn’t believe he or she recognized what his score was with one particular laid-back glimpse. Except he was silently determining when he was still performing the cardstock. But didn’t he realize that tiring?
Because he spoke, Curtis checked out Bai Xiaofan by using a baffled manifestation. “Why will be the learning skills so very poor? Your old sister is extremely wise. Your genes can’t be that undesirable.”
“And this?”
The Unprotected Species
Bai Xiaofan was greatly surprised. But because of the fabricated t . v . plot, he didn’t find Curtis’s abnormality in the tiniest.
Beauty and the Beasts
But he got thought this anyway, so there wasn’t a desire to feel indignant even though he had got it completely wrong. But Curtis’s fantastic prediction was what amazed him.
“Page 17, past line,” responded Curtis.
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Chapter 1501: Educator Ke’s Photo Remembrance
“This can be a concept from the earlier quality,” Curtis replied without even being forced to imagine.
“And this one?”
“And this one?”
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Bai Xiaofan flipped through his textbook. Then, his eyes became even larger.
“Do such people really are present?” Bai Xiaofan considered Huang Rong’s mommy in “The Star in the Condor Heroes”, who obtained tricked Zhou Botong into presenting her his mystery martial arts training manually operated making use of her photo remembrance, driving a car Zhou Botong to madness.
“I don’t believe it. He will need to have transpired to commit to memory this article,” reported Bai Xiaofan.
With out anticipating him to talk, Bai Xiaofan directed at among the circled issues and said, “This problem clearly wasn’t resolved mistakenly.”
Incapable of listen closely any longer, Bai Qingqing turned her travel and viewed them. “Alright, Bro, quit assessment him. They have the popular photographic memory.”
Bai Xiaofan didn’t feel that he or she was aware what his rank was with 1 casual glance. Unless of course he has been silently calculating while he was still undertaking the papers. But didn’t he realize that strenuous?
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“This is really a concept out of your previous grade,” Curtis replied without even being forced to consider.

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